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Discover the Magic of Music!


Confidence, Creativity, Coordination

Children certainly learn from an early age that actively making music with others is a wonderful experience. Week by week, as they develop, so does their confidence, creativity and coordination.

Rhythm Time is a really enjoyable experience for children but it is much more than just a sing-along. It is a well thought out musical experience which uses lots of exciting songs and activities to help a child's development and life skills.


Music Classes For Babies

Developing confidence, creativity and coordination should start from an early age!

The age range for Rhythm Time's music classes for babies is from birth to 15 months. Music is fundamental to every baby's development and Rhythm Time's sessions for babies are designed specifically to help this process.

Babies and young children really enjoy being part of a group and mixing with others is essential to a baby's growth and development. When key worker and baby are together in the class it helps with bonding, and the group environment enhances the experience for the babies and key workers.

Research shows that babies need to have their senses stimulated and so during rhythm time we aim to stimulate vision, listening and sense of touch. Each session there is something new, although the structure remains the same to give children a sense of security and continuity. The leaders in the class use their natural singing voice. They don't sing along to backing tracks as this actually gets in the way of the children's learning!

The content of our music classes for babies up to 15 months is as follows:

  • Singing - to help language development; all children sing before they learn to talk
  • Dancing - to help eye tracking, balance and spatial awareness
  • Exercise - to help with muscle development and to gain more control over movement
  • Massage - to help with bonding, relaxation and circulation
  • Exploration - to help with hand eye coordination, develop small motor skills and to encourage speech development
  • Social - to help staff and children create new friendships. 

All the courses have been created by Kathy Doolan (DRSAM, LRAM), who trained at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama in Glasgow. Kathy previously was Head of Music in a Scottish school and shares with all franchisees and teachers a real passion and belief in the importance of music during a child's formative years.

Courses taking place within the First Steps room dovetail with the national curriculum, and are also an excellent preparation for any child who may want to play an instrument when they are older. More importantly, the children learn at a very early age that actively making music with others is a wonderful exciting experience. This is something they will never forget and friends made in these early formative years could well be friends for life!

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Rhythm Time

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