Bolton School Nursery

Swimming Lessons


Every week a group of eight children and two staff visit David Lloyd Health & Fitness club for a swimming lesson. The children are encouraged to dress themselves independently, as well as listen and follow instructions.

The instructor teaches all children on an individual and group basis and is based in the pool at all times. The instructor follows the children every step of the way, building each child's confidence and swimming skills.


Swimming encourages the use of gross motor skills, and builds confidence and self-esteem in the water under the supervision of the instructor. Such opportunities encourage children to become independent whilst learning about self-care, for example dressing themselves.


The Instructor follows the Kellogg's Award system. Each child gradually receives an award at some point, with the majority achieving their Duckling level 1 & 2.

Places are not mandatory, and are at an extra cost.

Places are allocated on a first come, first served basis. A full risk assessment is in place and regularly reviewed.

Parents and siblings are very welcome to come and watch their child's swimming lesson. And on many occasions parents have often attended and commented on how nice it is to see their child thrive and achieve whilst having fun with their friends.

Please note that for health and saftey reasons the swimming lessons are available for children aged three years and above.


Coach trips are the best