Bolton School Nursery

Providing Healthy Eating

At Bolton School Nursery we offer a variety of healthy eating options throughout the nursery day.

We even have a daily fruit basket: all children are given the opportunity to take a piece of fruit home with them on leaving the nursery setting, encouraging healthy eating.

We have our own in-house cook who freshly prepares all of the meals provided by the nursery. Health and hygience are of paramount importance to us; all foods are delivered on a daily basis, fresh and direct from the manufacturers. This ensures that all of the food prepared for the meals is of the highest standard.

Special Dietary Requirements

We are very aware that not all children will be able to access our daily menu due to dietary requirements. All dietary requirements are recorded on gradual admission. The cook and manager support all children by providing a range of different meal options which will suit their individual needs.

Food Allergies and Intolerances

At Bolton School Nursery we take all individual needs very seriously. The cook and manager take into account any food allergies when preparing meals.

All ingredients are thoroughly checked before being prepared. Any queries are always checked with the parents or guardians to make sure the nursery is offering the best possible care.

Every Child Matters

Every Child Matters is a set of reforms supported by the Children Act 2004. The aim is for every child, whatever their background or circumstances, to have the support they need to:

  • be healthy
  • stay safe
  • enjoy and achieve
  • make a positive contribution
  • achieve economic well-being

By providing healthy meals, we are supporting all of the children to be able to achieve these outcomes to the best of their ability.

Having a healthy, well-maintained body will give each child a great start to becoming independent successful achievers.


Sample Menus are now available to view online:


Enjoying lunch

Enjoying lunch

Children have a go at making snacks themselves

Children have a go at making snacks themselves

Kneading dough