Bolton School Nursery

A Baby in Maurice’s Manger!

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Caterpillars, Butterflies and the Nursery Class got the Nativity season at Bolton School off to a spectacular start when Maurice the Mule found a baby in his manger!  

‘Away in a Manger’, written by Niki Davies and performed by the three and four year olds from Bolton School, was told from the perspective of Maurice, who over the course of a busy night finds a hen laying an egg, a mouse playing hide and seek, a bird making a nest and a spider making a web in his manger before, unaware to the mule, Mary and Joseph enter the stable. 

The Nursery children performed superbly in front of a large audience of parents and teachers in the Infant School Main Hall, playing a host of roles including goats, hens, geese and mice as well as traditional Nativity characters and helping with the narration of the story whilst adding in a few impromptu lines of their own including “Hello Daddy!”  The tale was enhanced by some wonderful singing and colourful costumes and ended with Maurice awakening to find the Baby Jesus in his manger being visited by first shepherds and then three noble kings who bring gold, frankincense and myrrh. The story concluded with a hearty rendition of Away in a Manger and Maurice being invited to see the baby in his manger.

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