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Lucy and Ian Riggs Parents of Katie and Charlotte

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Ball Skills with Bolton Wanderers

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

  • BWFC Session - Butterflies balls on heads
  • BWFC Session - Butterflies & Caterpillars stretch
  • BWFC Session - Butterflies & Caterpillars holding balls
  • BWFC Session - Tweenies kicking ball
  • BWFC Session - Tweenies girl kneeling with ball
  • BWFC Session - Tweenies boy standing with ball

Children at Bolton School’s Nursery and attending the Nursery Class for 3 and 4 year olds were treated to a fun skills session with a coach from Bolton Wanderers.

The main aim for the younger children from the First Steps and Tweenies rooms was to get them used to the equipment and have fun. There were also opportunities to improve their coordination.

The older children from the Butterfly and Caterpillar rooms and from the Nursery Class played more complex games with balls. They practised recognising different body parts by placing the ball on their elbows, heads, shoulders and feet as instructed by the coach. They also tried rolling the ball all around their body without letting it fall to the floor, which was quite a challenge!

In addition to playing with the balls, the coach led the children on an ‘adventure’ to try out different kinds of movement that are useful in sport. These were all based on animals that are found in zoos to make it a fun game for the children.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the sporty session with the Bolton Wanderer’s coach.

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