Bolton School Nursery

Hedgehogs Lessons for Nursery Class

  • Chorley Hedgehog Rescue Centre

The children in Nursery Class has been fascinated with hedgehogs over the past few weeks. Nursery Class teacher Mrs Browning says: “We have become aware of the presence of hedgehogs in our Nursery Class garden and wanted to find out more about how we can help to look after them in their own natural environment.”

The Nursery Class was very lucky to be visited by a Bolton School mum who is a volunteer for the Chorley Hedgehog Rescue Centre. She generously gave up her time to come into Nursery Class and tell the children about hedgehogs, all the important things the Rescue Centre does for sick hedgehogs and to educate children and their families on how to care for and support the care of sick juvenile and adolescent hedgehogs.

As a thank you, the Nursery Class and their families donated some much needed items to support the charity.

If you are able to support the charity with further donations, they would be extremely grateful: Chorley Hedgehog Rescue Centre.

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