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Lucy and Ian Riggs Parents of Katie and Charlotte

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Learning About the Dentist

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

  • Dentist Visit - Drilling a model tooth
  • Dentist Visit - Mayuri with the Butterflies
  • Dentist Visit - Looking at the model teeth
  • Dentist Visit - Showing the children a real dentist's dril
  • Dentist Visit - Extracting model teeth

The children in the Butterfly Room were visited by dentist Mayuri Mirji, whose child attends the Nursery. She brought with her lots of exciting dentistry activities for the children to try out.

They used working toy drills on model teeth to remove ‘cavities’ and then carefully insert ‘fillings’, just like a real dentist. They also found out about good brushing technique and tried it out on models of teeth and gums, and learned more about what dentists are checking for when they look into a person’s mouth.

Mayuri also brought some of her real equipment so that the children could familiarise themselves with dentists’ tools such as drills and mirrors, and compare them with the model versions they were able to use.

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