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Nursery Children Enjoy Pumpkin Picking at Windmill Farm

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The Butterfly Class at Bolton School Nursery had a fabulous day at Windmill Animal Farm, enjoying both pumpkin-picking and learning about animals, nature and harvest festivities. Under the careful eye of teachers Mrs Martinez and Miss Auger, the children got to meet all the farm animals, including the goats, lamas, chickens, hens and cockerels. Before long it was feeding time for the animals and the children helped feed the goats and lamas before they met an old turtle.  

It was then time for some classroom learning and a keeper talked about and then exhibited a tarantula, a glow in the dark scorpion and a small snake, before the intrepid teachers helped to hold a large snake called Custard!

The children all loved a miniature train ride, ahead of what was a quiet bus journey back to Bolton as the majority of children fell asleep having had such a wonderful day on the farm!

There were lots of comments from the boys and girls. Persephone said, ‘the best part was feeding the goat’ and Harry said, ‘I liked getting a little green pumpkin and seeing the goats.’

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