Bolton School Nursery

Nursery Staff Beyond Excellent!

Bolton School Nursery has been praised in respected Early Years Publication, Practical Pre-School, which describes staff as 'passionate, caring and committed wholeheartedly to the children under their care'.

The article was featured in the Best Practice section of the magazine, which aims to keep those working with children aged 2-5 in touch with all the latest developments taking place in early years education through news, topical reports and reviews.

In the report the enthusiasm and expertise of staff was commended, and the nursery motto - where little stars shine - was described as 'no exaggeration thanks to the outstanding staff'. Of the Nursery Manager, Claire Thompson, the article says 'her enthusiastic vision means she is constantly broadening horizons for children and staff. She believes in empowering people by giving them responsibility for, and ownership of, the environment they work in, and believes passionately that continued development fires such commitment. Staff constantly update their knowledge and skills, inspired by her enthusiasm for learning.' It goes on to say that Ms Thompson and her staff are especially good at building relationships with parents as they appreciate how precious their children are. The article describes all the staff as approachable and knowledgeable saying 'they are all beyond excellent'. Bolton School as a whole is described as 'a massively popular school that consistently inspires very high achievement' and it is said that this 'all begins in the nursery.'

The Nursery is praised for the safeguarding of children and the children themselves are described as 'bright as buttons' and 'totally happy'. The building is 'state of the art, bright and colourful, very clean and very organised', described as 'the Harrods of settings'. The article sums up the Nursery as 'a world of the highest quality care from committed professionals who enjoy their work immensely.'

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