Bolton School Nursery

Oldest Nursery Nurse in the Country Retires

It was a special afternoon for Anne Worsley as staff, children and parents at Bolton School's Nursery wished her all the very best in her retirement.  Anne was showered with gifts and everyone enjoyed a large cake and fun and games at her leaving party.  Anne had been with the Nursery since it was built in 1998. 

In a heartfelt thank you speech, Nursery Manager, Claire Thompson, said: "Anne will be missed for her glamour, her kindness, her natural caring character and the love she gives to all that meet her.  She is a special lady and as soon as I met her she became my second mum, with valuable wisdom which she has dispensed to staff, parents and children." 

The "Oldest Nursery Nurse" was the nickname given to Anne after Claire had been told that the national database did not have any records of anyone older being qualified, when she registered all her staff's qualifications last year.  "Grannie Annie" was another moniker she was given and a special rocking chair was bought to support her in this role! 

All at the Nursery wished her a long, restful and happy retirement as she looked forward to spending more time with her husband and grandchildren.

Mrs Anne Worsley

It's best wishes to Mrs Worsley from all at the Nursery

The Retirement Cake