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Springtime Learning for Nursery Class

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Bolton School's Nursery Class for 3 and 4 year olds spent an enjoyable day down on the farm - Smithills Farm that is - learning about animals and Springtime. Class Teacher Mrs Browning tells the story: "We have just arrived back from an amazing day at Smithills Farm. Next term, Nursery Class will be learning all about Spring and the new life it brings. We were extremely lucky to experience, first-hand, the abundance of new life down on the farm. As well as meeting the new calves and feeding the lambs, we handled chicks and rabbits and petted Woody the donkey, two alpacas and a very large eagle owl in 'Pet's Corner'. We also fed some very greedy sheep, goats and llamas. As part of our busy day, the children rode donkeys and took a very bumpy tractor-trailer ride to feed the donkeys.​ Farmer Carl taught us about milking cows - they were very friendly and entertaining! Finally, we ended our trip with a well-deserved ice-cream. The children were impeccably behaved and were a credit to their parents and Bolton School. Thank you to Mrs Patel and Miss Brown for their energy and enthusiasm today. Mrs Browning couldn't have organised it without you both. I think everyone will sleep well tonight!"

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