"Pupils work well together and individually, and are very successful in a wide range of extra-curricular activities including music, drama and games."

ISI Inspection of the Girls' Division 2016

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Nursery Class for 3 and 4 Year Olds

Bolton School's Nursery Class for 3 and 4 Year Olds is teacher-led and runs from 9.00am to 3.15pm each day during term-time. Wrap-around care (before and after the class) is also available at the School from 7.30am to 6.00pm and during holiday periods for the 3 and 4 years olds attending the class. Parents can therefore opt for either full-time care (51 weeks of the year) or school term-time and pre-school education. 

The Nursery Class prepares young children for the move to Infant School. Whilst there is plenty of fun and play, there are also more structured classes and a range of activities, including attendance at Infant School assemblies, ballet lessons and swimming lessons. This is the perfect choice for families who want to join the Bolton School Family at this earlier phase, with the intention of their children remaining at Bolton School until they are 18 years old.

The purpose of the Class is to prepare children for school life and routines.  This is achieved using a combination of formal and informal learning opportunities. The children follow a play-based curriculum and are provided with a mixture of independent, child-initiated activities and structured, teacher-led activities. Examples of this include daily phonics activities, introduction to number and themed units of work. Strong emphasis is also placed upon developing politeness, good manners and good listening skills. Children have regular opportunities to visit Bolton School Infant School (Beech House), for example attending weekly assemblies.

Nursery Class teacher Mrs Karen Shaw reflected: "The children currently attending the Nursery Class have settled extremely well. They are fast emerging as independent learners who are confident in their environment.  Feedback from parents has been very positive and the smile on the children's faces as they arrive each morning confirms the success of the Class."

A delighted parent, Mrs Heaton, said: "The Class has been fantastic for our daughter. She settled in from day one, despite being a child who doesn't like change much, and has not looked back. A number of family members and friends have said they have seen such a difference in her, and how grown up she has become. She really enjoys the ballet class, and also likes being part of the assemblies with the rest of Beech House. It is great that she is learning the early stages of phonics, which is just one of the many skills they are being taught. I would highly recommend the Nursery Class to anyone."

An equally enthusiastic Mrs Akiff also praised the Class: "Our boy has been attending Bolton School Nursery for just over a month now. We have seen a vast improvement in his attitude and behaviour whilst he has been here. Every week seems to be structured and the children have a specific topic that they concentrate on.

"When he describes his nursery, he describes it as 'the best nursery in the world'. As a parent, I have seen a quick improvement since he has been here. He comes home and tells me everything that he has learnt, for example today we were discussing Indian spices such as cinnamon. He told me they were talking about it in nursery and also asked me which spice turns the rice yellow.

"Our son previously attended a different nursery, so when I compare his attitude now, there is a big difference; there definitely seems to be a lot more learning, which I believe is done through play. Another aspect of the Nursery Class which I think is fantastic is the fact that we are kept up to date with what they are learning about each week. We are given a sheet with what they have been doing and what they will be doing, which I keep in a folder for my safekeeping.

"I know that our boy is very happy here, which makes his parents happy.  So far, so good, keep up the brilliant work!"

The term-time Class runs alongside the School's highly successful Pre-School unit, and together they offer the highest quality choice for children preparing for their first year at Infant School.

For further details about enrolling your child in the pre-school classes, please call the Nursery on 01204 434732 or email nursery@boltonschool.org.

An exciting new option for 3 and 4 year olds

An exciting new option for 3 and 4 year olds

Learning through play

Learning through play

Children enjoy the Forest School as part of the Nursery Class

Children enjoy the Forest School as part of the Nursery Class