Bolton School Nursery

Outdoor Play

At Bolton School Nursery, the children have ample opportunity to explore and play outdoors. Each room is equipped sun hats, wellies and all-in-one waterproof outfits, enabling children to make the most of the outdoor areas regardless of the weather!

The Nursery recently created a fantastic Landscape Garden for the children to enjoy. All of the changes were made to enhance the children's learning, helping to build confidence and investigative skills as well as developing their individual interests. The children now love exploring the garden to find hidden surprises! There are secret tunnels and mirrors which allow them to explore their own images and the reflections of the world in which they play in, and space to create dens. There is also plenty of room to run around, ride the Nursery’s trikes and have fun with imaginative games.The ‘Secret Garden’ gives the children a feel of privacy in their own little play area where “adults can’t go”. This increases their independence and confidence, and allows them to have fun in their own special space. (Staff can observe and access the Secret Garden.)

 The outdoor areas have seen further improvement with the addition of a greenhouse and space to grow vegetables and herbs in addition to the decorative flowers and bushes of the Landscape Garden. This area includes a variety of planters, including recycled tyres and wooden troughs, and contains many different types of plants. The children love looking at the varied colours and shapes of leaves, and watching them change through the seasons. They particularly like smelling the different herbs and learning how food grows from the tomato and bean plants.

The children love to take care of all of the plants in the garden. By helping out and watching them grow, they and can learn more about the natural world.

Children of all ages enjoy playing in the fresh air. The children can enjoy a wide variety of games and lots of different activities, including playing with musical instruments and playing sports. Children also enjoy listening to adventurous stories to inspire their play, and sometimes even have a picnic lunch on the grassy areas!

The younger children in First Steps can explore their environment in the outdoor areas. They use tools in the sand pit and ride around in pedal-cars, both of which improve their coordination. Children also develop physical skills by climbing, crawling, hiding and sliding in the play centres! They sometimes also have their naps outside in their prams when the weather is warm.

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Older children from the Caterpillar and Butterfly rooms, as well as children from the Nursery Class for 3 and 4 Year Olds, take part in Forest School. These fun sessions enhance the children’s learning about the natural world and allow them to experience new things. Activities include baking bread or toasting marshmallows over an open fire, learning how to safely cut and drill wood to make their own medallions, and of course playing lots of games!

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