Bolton School Pre-School Class

Nursery Ranked as 'Outstanding' in ISI Inspection Report

Bolton School’s Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) provision has, once again, been found to be ‘outstanding’ in all categories by independent school inspectors. 

The Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI), the body approved by the Secretary of State for inspecting independent schools, reported that ‘the overall effectiveness of the EYFS [at Bolton School] is outstanding’ and similarly that ‘the quality of teaching, learning and assessment is outstanding.' 

Head of the EYFS provision at Bolton School, Tracey Taylor, said: 'I am delighted that the report commended our high quality provision and how we deliver outstanding outcomes for our children. I was pleased that the report noted the excellent progress that our children make and that we prepare them well for the next stages of their learning.'  

Focusing on the young learners, the report said: ‘Children have extremely well-developed social skills for their age’ and that they ‘forge excellent relationships with staff’. It told how ‘the children’s personal and emotional development are excellent, due to the high priority leaders and staff give to their individual development needs and personal safety.’ The inspection also found that: ‘Children increasingly build confidence and develop the appropriate skills for the next stage of their education. This is because key people look after them exceptionally well.’ There was also recognition that ‘children’s communication and language skills develop extremely well,’ and that the ‘personal development, behaviour and welfare of children are outstanding.’ Overall, the report found that: ‘Outcomes for children are outstanding.’ 

Praise was accorded to how quickly children settle into Nursery life and make rapid progress. ‘Children quickly become confident learners because of the consistently challenging learning environment.’ Feedback stated that: ‘New children settle smoothly into the setting,’ and ‘well established routines enable children to feel safe and secure, both emotionally and physically.’ The report also noted how ‘all children progress extremely well from their individual starting points.’ 

Staff were also praised with comments including: ‘Staff make very good use of the excellent range of high-quality resources to engage children fully and enhance their learning exceptionally well’ and ‘Staff know the children extremely well. They devise enjoyable, interesting and age-appropriate activities that enthuse and challenge all children who increasingly develop confidence and skills across all areas of their learning and development.’ The report said: ‘Children develop high levels of confidence and excellent independent learning skills, due to the well organised and nurturing support of managers and staff.’ Praise was also given to the ‘highly effective and experienced leadership’ which ‘results in all staff sharing an ambitious vision to provide high quality education and exemplary levels of care.’ The inspectors also found that: ‘Leaders set the highest expectations and ambitious targets to sustain high standards and ensure continuous improvement of all aspects of children’s learning and development. Self-evaluation is rigorous, reflective and consistent.’

Strong school-home relationships were also lauded: ‘Excellent relationships with parents enable information about the children to be exchanged seamlessly at handover times.’ Similarly, diversity in the EYFS provision was singled out for praise: ‘A clear sense of respect for diversity is apparent in both staff and children. The setting consistently celebrates diversity, reflected in their choice of activities and resources used.’

You can read the full assessment from page 8 onwards in this inspection report:

The latest full ISI Inspection Report also rated the School’s EYFS provision as ‘outstanding’ and is available to download here: