Bolton School Pre-School Class


The Nursery Class has been fantastic for Imogen. Even though she is a child who doesn't like change much, she settled in from day one. Mrs Browning and Mrs Patel provide a warm and caring environment to make her feel secure. Imogen shares her days in nursery with us and is full of exciting things she has done, like making pizza, playing in the hairdresser, singing in Spanish and swimming lessons. We made the right choice to send Imogen to the Nursery Class.

Mrs Chen, parent

My husband and I are delighted with the Nursery Class at Bolton School. Our son always looks forward to going into his nursery class in the morning and is happy and content when we collect him at the end of day. Joshua is full of his stories from the day about the exciting and varied things he has done; whether it is making pizza, Christmas cards, playing in the hairdressers, singing a Spanish song or talking about his swimming lessons, he enthuses about his activities. The nursery class itself is inviting and stimulating with many examples of the tasks of the day illustrated on the walls and around the room. Mrs Browning and Mrs Patel provide a warm and caring environment where our child feels secure, valued and encouraged. We are very pleased with the choice we have made to send Joshua to the Nursery.

Marcia and Barry Pierson, parents

We are so happy with the Nursery class at Bolton School. Our daughter Annie is enjoying all of the day to day activities whilst learning and progressing so well. We really have seen a difference in her general development of language, letters and numbers as well as social skills. I have to say all of the staff interact brilliantly with the children and Annie loves to be in their company.

Alex Done-Jackson, parent

Our daughter started in Nursery Class in Sept 2017 and within two weeks we were amazed at the change in her. She was already quite confident and articulate but these qualities have developed even further. Learning is now something she actively seeks rather than it being something she has to do. She has flourished in this setting and that is completely down to the caring, nurturing and fun environment that Mrs Browning and Mrs Patel have created. Our only regret is not moving her to nursery class sooner.

Nursery Class Parent

The Nursery Class has been fantastic for our daughter. She settled in from day one, despite being a child who doesn't like change much, and has not looked back. A number of family members and friends have said they have seen such a difference in her, and how grown up she has become. She really enjoys the ballet class, and also likes being part of the assemblies with the rest of Beech House. It is great that she is learning the early stages of phonics, which is just one of the many skills they are being taught. I would highly recommend the new nursery class to anyone who asks.

Mrs Heaton, parent

Our boy has been attending Bolton School Nursery for just over a month now. We have seen a vast improvement in his attitude and behaviour whilst he has been here. Every week seems to be structured and the children have a specific topic that they concentrate on.

When he describes his nursery, he describes it as 'the best nursery in the world'. As a parent, I have seen a quick improvement since he has been here. He comes home and tells me everything that he has learnt, for example today we were discussing Indian spices such as cinnamon. He told me they were talking about it in nursery and also asked me which spice turns the rice yellow.

Our son previously attended a different nursery so when I compare his attitude now, there is a big difference; there definitely seems to be a lot more learning, which I believe is done through play. Another aspect of the nursery class I think is fantastic is the fact that we are kept up to date with what they are learning about each week. We are given a sheet with what they have been doing, which I keep in a folder for my safekeeping and also what they will be doing.

I know that our boy is very happy here, which makes his parents happy. So far, so good, keep up the brilliant work!

Mrs Akiff, parent

Our little girl started in Nursery Class in September and she loves it. Mrs Browning and Mrs Patel are amazing. She loves everything about Nursery Class, the friends she has made, the fun and even the learning! Her development and progression in such a short time is astounding.