Bolton School Senior Boys

Morrisby Profile - Years 10 and 11

Each Bolton School pupil should leave the school prepared for modern life in Britain. They need to be well informed when making subject and career decisions. Therefore high quality, independent careers advice is crucial. The school achieves this by using the Morrisby profiling system.

At the end of Year 10 each pupil sits the Morrisby Profile test. This measures general intelligence, (verbal & numerical), diagrammatic reasoning, spatial and mechanical aptitudes and speed and accuracy of information processing. The result of these tests combined with information about the pupil’s own interests produce a profile which indicates the career areas and subjects where each pupil is likely to succeed.

At the beginning of Year 11, an independent careers advisor gives feedback to each pupil (and their parents) about each pupil’s personal profile. Pupils have found this experience invaluable when choosing AS and A levels and considering their post-18 options.

senior boy sitting morrisby profile exam