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Careers - An Overview

Careers education and guidance serves to complement the academic curriculum. Our aim is to provide high-quality impartial careers advice and support to each pupil throughout his education. We help each boy develop the skills that they will need when they leave Bolton School. We prepare him to be successful, enterprising and ready for the challenges that lie ahead in the world of work and in Higher Education.

In the Lower School (Years 7 - 9) we believe that it is important for each boy to develop an awareness of the world of work and the personal skills, abilities and qualities that are required. He will attend a range of careers talks and take part in the Work Sampling day. In Year 9, before he chooses his GCSE options, each boy will use the Kudos careers programme to help him identify possible future careers and the associated academic requirements.

In the Middle School (Years 10 and 11) careers guidance becomes more in-depth and personalised. We use the Morrisby Profiling system to assist each pupil with their medium-term careers planning. This consists of a questionnaire, psychometric tests and an individual feedback session with an independent careers advisor. The advice is of immense value and helps the pupils to make informed decisions about subjects to study in Year 12. Vocational awareness and transferable skills are further enhanced as boys undertake a work experience placement at some stage in Year 10 or 11.

In the Upper School careers guidance gathers pace. Regular individual interviews with Form Tutors serve to encourage informed decision-making for higher education and career targets. During his first term in Year 12, each pupil attends a 3-day vocational skills training course, ‘Business Enterprise and Skills Training’ (BEST) held at Patterdale Hall in the Lake District. These skills are further developed by the ‘World of Work’ careers seminars and an interview skills evening. The school also organises and hosts one of the North-West’s biggest careers and higher education fairs, which pupils from Year 9 and above are encouraged to attend. Added to this, the boys have the opportunity to compete for paid summer internships with a number of national and international firms.

At the end of Year 12 and into Year 13, the focus shifts towards higher education. Pupils are supported through the Oxbridge and UCAS application process and are given a number of talks on Higher Education in general and student finance in particular.

By clicking on the below link you can learn more about important information about higher education and the UCAS application process. 


In short, the careers programme at Bolton School supports all of our pupils wherever their interests or aspirations may lead them.


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Boys are introduced to the world of work at an early stage in their school career

Boys are introduced to the world of work at an early stage in their school career

Students are given much help and assistance in applying to university

Regular visits from former pupils inform and inspire students about future careers