Bolton School Senior Boys

Work Sampling Day - Year 8

At the end of Year 8, all pupils are released from school to take part in a 'Work Sampling’ day. The aim of the exercise is to give them an initial insight into the world of work and an understanding of the skills and qualities that are needed outside of the classroom.

Pupils normally accompany a parent, relative or family friend to work. This encourages them to find out about various aspects of the workplace, including pay, promotion, working conditions and practices. Prior to the Work Sampling Day, pupils are given a comprehensive briefing and are taught about work-related issues such as health and safety, equal opportunities and personal skills.

The whole day is a rewarding experience and pupils develop not only greater confidence and improved interpersonal skills, but a more tangible idea of what the world of work has to offer.

pupil on work sampling day
year 8 pupil on work sampling day