Bolton School Senior Boys

Curriculum Objectives

The curriculum is arranged to help us achieve two core school objectives:

1. An all round education with a commitment to the highest standards of academic achievement;

2. To equip pupils with a breadth of academic skills and knowlege.

Within the curriculum, the aims for all boys must be:

  • fluency in, and accurate use and understanding of, English;
  • skill in numeracy; in problem-solving; and proficiency in mathematical and scientific methods and investigations;
  • proficiency in at least one foreign language, with the opportunity to attain knowledge and understanding of at least one other language, modern or classical;
  • an appreciation of, and development of ability in, the creative and expressive arts;
  • proficiency in the use of ICT;
  • proficiency in the knowledge of concepts, issues and applications in history, geography and technology; a knowledge and appreciation of humankind, our heritage, human achievements and aspirations; and a concern for environmental and ecological issues;
  • the development of the coordination of body and mind;
  • a training in personal, inter-personal and social responsibility; the understanding and development of a respect for religious and moral values, for other people and, above all, for oneself;
  • the development of independent thought and study, and the active encouragement of a sense of curiosity and a spirit of enquiry and adventure;
  • the provision of a wide variety of contexts, both within the School and beyond, that encourages the fulfilment of these aims.

Pupils have outstanding attitudes to learning for their age.

ISI Inspection 2016

Pupils' mathematical ability is advanced for their age in both the senior and junior school. In 2016, pupils were awarded over 20 gold medals in national mathematics challenges at various ages.

ISI Inspection 2016

Pupils are highly articulate. They explain clearly, reason logically and have a mature command of technical vocabulary.

ISI Inspection 2016

Senior School pupils' listening skills are acute...reading skills are excellent throughout the school..... pupils' writing skills are sophisticated for their age.

ISI Inspection 2016

Pupils...make rapid progress and are studying work ahead of the expectations for their age by the end of Year 7. They use advanced grammar with accuracy in both modern foreign and classical languages, and consequently many are highly successful in external competitions.

ISI Inspection 2016
Senior Boys Lesson