Bolton School Senior Boys

Middle School Curriculum

In Years 10 and 11, all boys study the core curriculum:

English Language Biology PE
English Literature Chemistry SPACE
Mathematics Physics Sport

Biology, Chemistry and Physics are taken as separate subjects. This will lead to a minimum of two GCSE awards, with the majority of the boys going on to study the sciences to a greater depth for three separate GCSE certificates.

PE and Sport are compulsory, non-examined subjects taken by all boys for one afternoon per cycle. SPACE sessions take place over ten sessions spread across ten days over a two-year cycle.

Boys choose a further 4 subjects from the pool below, to give a total of 10 subjects taken to GCSE. Each subject below has 6 teaching periods per cycle. At least one Foreign Language and one Humanities subject must be chosen.

Art & Design History
Classical Civilisation Latin
Electronics Music
French Product Design
Geography Religious Studies
German Russian
Greek Spanish (can be taken as a solitary language if it has been chosen in Y8)

Humanities Options: Classical Civilisation, History, Geography, Religious Studies

Foreign Languages Options: French, German, Latin, Russian, Spanish.

The foreign language choice must be a currently studied subject. Spanish can only be taken for the first time in Year 10 if another Modern Foreign Language has been chosen.

The curriculum is reviewed regularly and, on occasion, we can offer a more bespoke timetable to boys who qualify for elite athlete status or have other such specialised requirements.

senior boy playing football