Bolton School Senior Boys

Middle School Curriculum

In years 10 and 11, all boys study the core curriculum:

English Language Biology PE
English Literature Chemistry SPACE
Mathematics Physics Sport

Biology, Chemistry and Physics are taken as separate subjects. This will lead to a minimum of two GCSE awards, with the majority of the boys going on to study the sciences to a greater depth for three separate GCSE certificates.

PE, SPACE and Sport are compulsory, non-examined subjects taken by all boys for one afternoon per cycle.

Boys choose a further 4 subjects from the pool below, to give a total of 10 subjects taken to GCSE. Each subject below has 6 periods teaching per cycle. At least one Foreign Language and one Humanities subject must be chosen.

Art & Design History
Classical Civilisation IT & Computing
Drama Latin
Electronics Music
French Product Design
Geography Religious Studies
German Russian
Greek Spanish

Humanities Options: Classical Civilisation, History, Geography, Religious Studies

Foreign Languages Options: French, German, Latin, Russian
N.B. The foreign language choice must be a currently studied subject.
Spanish is only available as a second modern foreign language choice; you may not normally choose Spanish as your only modern foreign language.

Space is limited for Spanish and IT, so pupils need to also have a back-up option.

You can download a copy of the GCSE Choices booklet here.

senior boy playing football