Bolton School Senior Boys

SEND and EAL in the Boys' Division

SEND AT Bolton School Boys’ Division 

  • We support pupils with many different conditions, including ADHD, Asperger’s Syndrome, dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyspraxia, visual and hearing impairments, working memory and processing problems. 
  • Pupils receive support from the learning support team in study skills and many different areas dependent on their needs, such as literacy support, emotional and social development, handwriting and typing interventions.
  • The pupils’ teachers are aware of pupils’ needs via the Pupil Plan to personalise the boys’ learning experience.
  • Each pupil has a designated point of contact within the department who tracks their progress and reviews the Pupil Plan with the pupil in review meetings.
  • Boys who already have a diagnosis receive support on entrance exam days. 
  • We operate a screening test in Years 7 and 9 to identify a range of possible learning difficulties in the Senior School and ensure pupils’ needs are met. 

EAL at Bolton School Boys’ Division 

  • We have a number of pupils in school who have recently arrived from overseas and have English as an Additional Language.
  • Each pupil completes a language placement test prior to their arrival to enable us to provide necessary English language support to ensure the pupil has full access to the curriculum.
  • Pupils also attend a regular English discussion club run by the EAL Coordinator that is facilitated by Sixth Form native speaker pupils to develop EAL pupils’ command of English.

We have several bilingual pupils at Bolton School – their aptitude for languages is celebrated at Culture Club – the student body are able to benefit from the vast array of cultures, faiths and languages within our community.

The Boys Division celebrates its cultural diversity and bilingualism

The Boys' Division celebrates its cultural diversity and bilingualism through regular Culture Club meetings