Bolton School Senior Boys

Art and Design

The Art Department is a well-equipped and resourced area offering a range of activities across three Art Studio rooms. The Department currently consists of a Head of Department, plus two members of staff, each with their own room and individual facilities.

Pupils undertake a general course in Years 7, 8 and 9 which draws its inspiration from the National Curriculum and the varied experiences of members of the Art Department. The Schemes of Work and Assessment processes are designed to aid pupils' progress through these three years. The main areas covered include drawing, painting, printmaking, three-dimensional art work, textiles and information technology. We aim to extend and build on the skills developed during the three years enabling the individual to attain their true potential and so increase personal confidence and develop a love and enthusiasm for the subject, in view of the possible future choice of Art at GCSE level which does require total commitment.

In Years 10 and 11, pupils can opt for the AQA syllabus in Art and Design which consists of a coursework and examination component culminating in a final exhibition internally assessed and externally moderated. If pupils wish to continue with their Art studies then they can elect to take an AS in Year 12 and then an A2 qualification in Year 13.

Advanced Level students follow the AQA Art, Craft and Design syllabus which is very similar in format to the GCSE qualification and consists of a coursework and examination component (1 unit of coursework plus 1 unit of an externally set examination question in both Years 12 and 13).

The Department runs regular gallery visits to Manchester, Liverpool and London for the examination groups, as well as a residential art workshop at Patterdale each year for the Year 10 groups.

The lower years visit Bolton Museum and Art Gallery to gather primary source material for individual and group projects. A selection of examination pupils exhibit annually at the Portico Gallery in Manchester, as well as all pupils presenting a final exhibition for parents, friends and visitors at the culmination of their GCSE and Advanced Level years.

You can view the Art and Design Department's own external website here.

Members of the Department:

Mrs M A Ryder BA - A Level Coordinator
Mrs J L Brewer BA - GCSE Coordinator
Miss L Turner BA - Yrs 7-9 Coordinator

Adam Hall
Adam Hall

Adam Hall with his Saatchi Gallery Art Prize winning installation