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Electronics is taught as a stand-alone subject at A Level, where it belongs to the suite of Science subjects. The Department features a well-equipped laboratory which allows students access to the latest instrumentation and test apparatus.

The A Level Electronics course offers students the chance to learn the theoretical and practical skills required to design and build electronic circuits. The course starts by building upon basic electrical principles learnt in GCSE Physics and quickly progresses onto more complex circuits. Much of the course material is covered through practical work and students will learn to use professional test equipment such as oscilloscopes, signal generators and frequency analysers. The course includes the use of professional software for circuit design and simulation. Concepts such as radio communication and the mobile telephone network are covered, as well as microprocessors and robotic systems.

Electronics lessons also form a vital part of the Design and Technology courses, especially at A Level where Product Design students may opt to follow a 'Systems and Control Technology' module which focuses on the practical use of electronics within the design of a product.

Boys are introduced to Electronics in their Design and Technology lessons in year 7, and the subject is further developed through years 8 and 9, with pupils becoming proficient in the use of electronic systems to meet specific needs. Boys also learn how to write computer programs to provide microprocessor control in practical applications.

At GCSE, boys are able to design and make their own electronic product as part of the 'Product Design' course. This exciting course rewards innovation and encourages boys to design with flair and ingenuity.

The Department runs co-curricular clubs for Electronics and Mechatronics - these are very popular venues for the development of a huge range of electronic and robotic projects.

There are a number of national competitions in which boys can gain recognition for their project work, including Young Engineers, YEDA, UK Robotic Games, Micromouse and Technogames. The Department has enjoyed significant success over a number of years in connection with these initiatives.

Head of Department
C J Walker, BSc

Members of the Department
P J Humphrey, BSc

Daisy and Loony Cycle

Daisy and Loony Cycle