Bolton School Senior Boys


ICT finds a place in every area of the curriculum and the departmental schemes of work have been designed to support and complement the broader role which it enjoys. In Years 7, the emphasis is on the acquisition of skills, and familiarity with our network environment. In Year 9, students complete the essential elements of KS3 ICT, with an emphasis on extending basic skills e.g. video editing and opportunities for open ended and cross-curricular activities. GCE courses in Computing are available in Years 12 and 13, where candidates are taught to solve problems by writing programs in a high-level language (Delphi), as well as the fundamentals of Computer Science. The emphasis in our teaching is firmly on understanding, supported by necessary core knowledge.

The department has three networked general-purpose ICT rooms for students in the lower and middle schools, one of which hosts the Sixth Form courses. Broadband, filtered, Internet access is available wirelessly across the campus and via the School network.

Students of all ages are encouraged to use our ICT facilities during their free time. Throughout the school day, senior students have access to the Riley Centre, which combines networked computer facilities with areas for private study. A lunchtime coding club is also available for those who are interested.

Staffing is provided by three full-time teachers of ICT & Computing, along with much valued occasional contributions to teaching from specialists in other disciplines.


Head of Department:
P J Humphrey, BSc

Members of the Department:
Mrs E J Fielding, BA
G N McMillan, BA, FDA

ICT lesson

ICT lesson