Bolton School Senior Boys


How is Latin studied up to GCSE level?

All boys study Latin in Years 7 and 8. The emphasis is on a lively and meaningful introduction to the subject, and on building up a wide range of skills in areas such as literacy, language analysis, and independent learning. A wide range of resources are used, including those made available through the iPads issued to all boys. Boys studying Latin in Year 9 become increasingly confident with more complex aspects of the language, while at the same time using their knowledge of the language to access information on Roman life and history. The GCSE Latin course, covered in Years 10 and 11, focuses on the analysis of ancient literature and culture, as well as language skills.

And at Advanced level?

Latin is a dynamic part of the Sixth Form curriculum at Bolton School, and there is a strong sense of identity among all of the school's A level Classicists. The A level Latin course sharpens linguistic skills and encourages a thorough and personal response to key Latin texts.

Making the testudo formation is a serious business

Making the testudo formation is a serious business

A Latin student in Poppaeas villa

A Latin student in Poppaea's villa