Bolton School Senior Boys

Pastoral Curriculum

Our Pastoral Curriculum is wide-ranging and aims to give pupils the knowledge, understanding and skills to enable them to lead healthy lives and to participate in society as active and informed citizens. It comprises P.S.H.E, S.M.S.C and our own Bolton School Character Education programme.

Key themes are addressed in each year group via assemblies, form tutor periods and  SPACE. These include health, personal and online safety, anti-bullying, respect and healthy relationships, personal finance and the British values.

Character education is central to our ethos. At Bolton School we value, model and promote specific character traits. These are: determination, having a positive mindset, personal organisation, self- control, good conduct, empathy and intellectual curiosity. By developing these traits we encourage boys to flourish and meet future challenges so they are better able to fulfil their potential and contribute meaningfully to society. The traits are introduced in Year 7 and boys reflect on them throughout their school career, developing them in many areas of school life including on the sports field, through drama and music, as part of active civic service, through House and charitable activities and at Patterdale Hall.

In Year 10 we move towards developing a G.C.S.E Mindset. Boys are encouraged to focus on activities that help them develop a clear vision of what they want to achieve, and to adopt effective systems of working that allow them to maximise their effort. Emphasis is also placed on how to think positively about achievement, learning as much from failure as from success. This continues in Year 12 when we adopt the ‘A Level Mindset’ character curriculum.

Mental health and wellbeing are extremely important to us and we recognise that, at times, boys may feel anxious or worried. Through our pastoral curriculum boys learn to recognise emotions and to understand how they might develop helpful strategies to manage them.

The Parents Association make a significant contribution to the pastoral life of the school through the ‘Teenage Journey’ lecture series.

Miss H Tunstall, MSc, BSc
Senior Teacher

Dick Moore of the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust spoke to the boys about mental health

Dick Moore of the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust spoke to the boys about mental health

Boys enjoy lunchtime yoga classes

Boys enjoy lunchtime yoga classes

Boys make annual regular visits to Patterdale Hall

Pupils across all age groups make regular visits to the school's outdoor adventure learning centre, Patterdale Hall, in the Lake District