Bolton School Senior Boys

Physical Education

Year 7 boys are introduced to the discipline of gymnastics. They are taught a range of core skills, comprising of balances and travelling movements.

The boys then plan a six piece sequence and perform within their Form group. This sequence is then assessed by our PE specialists. The highest scorers are then entered into our traditional gymnastics final, which is performed during a Year 7 assembly in front of the Headmaster, Head of PE and Form Tutors. The competitors receive a certificate and the winners acquire a gold, silver or bronze medal.

In the summer term, students compete and learn a variety of athletic disciplines, including running, jumping and throwing events.

Year 8 boys transfer their skills previously developed in Year 7 to the apparatus. Here, they develop a range of vaulting skills over boxes of differing heights including; Jump on and off, through vault, stoop vault, straddle, long fly, neck spring, head spring, hand spring, dive forward roll and somersault. The best performers are then entered into a Year 8 Gymnastics Final and compete for medals, trophies and certificates. In the summer term, the boys continue to develop their athletics technique and performance. 

Year 9 boys are introduced to the skills of both basketball and volleyball, and transfer these to a small sided competitive situation. In the summer, they are responsible for the performing, officiating, timing and recording for a range of athletic events covered previously in the lower school.

Year 10 boys transfer their previously learnt skills in basketball and volleyball to a full sided competitive situation. Greater emphasis is now placed on the tactical elements of the game and the opportunity for the students to officiate and take a greater role within the lesson. Students also complete a gym induction programme and are then encouraged to make full use of this excellent resource.

Year 11 boys participate in a similar programme to the previous year, where basketball and volleyball take the main precedent. In addition, the students will take a greater role in preparing warm ups, officiating and gaining a greater tactical appreciation and understanding.

A-Level Physical Education is offered to students in the boys and girls sixth form. Students will learn a wide variety of theoretical topics including; Anatomy and Physiology, Acquiring Movement Skills, Socio-Cultural Studies, Exercise Physiology, Sports Psychology and Historical Elements of Sport. This is a well subscribed and popular subject, stocked with extensive resources and taught by subject specialists with a wealth of skills and experience.

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Boys start learning gymnastics in Year 7

Boys start learning gymnastics in Year 7

A level PE students

Year 8 boys vaulting