Bolton School Senior Boys

Millennium Ketch

  • Overview

    Independent schools have always pioneered the development of the individual and, by their nature, strive to seek independent ways to carry out this aim. In 1998 Bolton School's Technology Department decided to celebrate the Millennium by building a 48 foot offshore sailing ketch as part of the curriculum of the department. The construction was...

  • Plans

    Some of the lines drawings and plans used by the pupils in constructing the 3rd Millennium Ketch Project. The yacht was designed by Brian Betley Design and Engineering. The Lines Drawing The Deck Layout Accommodation Frame Sections

  • Initial Construction

    These photos show the lofting of the frames and the early construction of the Armature. The lofting board with a main frame set out The frames hung on the central girder and set with a laser line The stem bar in place

  • The Armature

    These pictures show the Armature ready for plastering. The plastering process had to be completed in one session and the hull wet cured for 28 days to reach full strength. A view of the in-built water tank Ribs supporting the area of deck around the main mast The bow showing the well deck and beak for the bowsprit The deck ready for...

  • Plastering Day

    The plastering began at 7.00am and a team of eight plasterers worked continuously until 5.00pm to complete the hull. Wet curing was set up overnight and ran for the following 28 days to ensure a complete cure. The hull was plastered from one side to avoid voids in the ferro-cement composite Nearing the end of a very long day Well you have...

  • Fitting Out Begins

    The Carlin was bonded with epoxy and bolted through the deck to form the foundation of the coachroof. The oak framework and marine ply/epoxy composite superstructure formed the cockpit and main saloon coachroof. The hull after full curing and ready to be fitted out Installing the bulkheads The main saloon takes shape The framework for...

  • Internal Construction

    Internal woodwork was in oak, in sympathy with the construction of the Main School Building under the Leverhulme Trust. Main saloon looking forward The galley under construction The forward cabin prior to installation of trimmimgs

  • Pictures Winter 2006

    In these photos work is nearing completion on the exterior of the hull; the winter was spent completing the fitting out inside. At this point, all systems were installed but there was still much to do to meet the launch date in early spring. Ocean explorer and Old Boy, Eric Forsyth, visited the project prior to his voyage to Antarctica The...

  • Surface Finishing

    The external finish of the hull was with epoxy paint and filling systems. Many hours of preparation were necessary and willing volunteers were never in short supply. A lunchtime Boat Building Club member at work Pupils working on the coachroof The coachroof ready for epoxy coating

  • The Journey To Glasson Dock

    On Monday 14 May 2007, after 9 years of hard work by over 1,000 pupils, "Tenacity of Bolton", the boat built by boys, made its maiden voyage to Glasson Dock near Lancaster. View the BBC News' coverage of the story. The pictures below chart the moving of the boat from Bolton School Boys' Division to Glasson Dock. Click on any picture to enlarge...

  • Sponsors

    This project would not have been possible without the support we received from local industry. The School remains indebted to each and every one of the following people and companies. Yacht Design Brian Betley, Design and Engineering Boat Building Shed William Hare Ltd Engine Perkins Sabre Ltd Propshaft Assembley AFS...

  • Contact Information

    Boat's School Coordinator: Mr Steven Bradley – Head of Outdoor Learning E-mail - Post - Mr Steven Bradley Millennium Ketch School CoordinatorBolton School Boys' DivisionChorley New RoadBolton, BL1 4PA Tel - 01204 840201

  • Boat Becomes Part of the Curriculum

    On 4 May 2009, Tenacity of Bolton, the boat built by boys, became part of the curriculum at Bolton School. Nine lucky Year 8 boys and a crew of three braced themselves to face the Irish Sea as they prepared to learn sailing, team working and leadership skills. Tides dictated that the boys set sail at 7.00am on 5 May in quite choppy seas.  The plan...

  • Boat Locks Out

    On Tuesday 5 May 2009, in choppy waters, Tenacity of Bolton "locked out" of Glasson Basin Marina at 7.40am and set sail on her maiden curriculum voyage. Aboard were nine Year 8 boys and three crew members. The photos below chart her progress through the locks and out to sea.

  • Review of the Project as Tenacity Ended Her First Season at Sea

    By Michael Whitmarsh, former Head of Technology at Bolton School and Director of the Millennium Ketch project, October 2010.  The philosophy and funding of a large scale project may well start with a single idea in the head of a member of staff, but it has to involve a large number of people for it to culminate in a successful outcome. Firstly...

  • New Film Explores How Boat Was Built

    A new film documentary, produced by Mr Duncan Kyle, charts how the 60 foot sailing boat, named Tenacity of Bolton, was built by pupils, staff, parents, helpers and local businesses over a nine year period (1998-2007).  The film includes extensive interviews with Mr Michael Whitmarsh, Director of the Millennium Ketch Project and former Head of...