Bolton School Senior Boys

Talented Register of Elite Athletes

We have many outstanding athletes at Bolton School and we recognise that they need to dedicate a lot of time to developing their talents to help them to try and achieve sporting excellence. Bolton School tries to support these pupils in managing their academic and elite sporting aspirations successfully, at the highest level.   

Bolton School maintains a list of elite athletes on a ‘Talented Register’ which includes any pupil who competes at county level, or above, in their chosen sport. Currently, we have over 40 athletes representing fifteen different sports on our register, some of whom regularly compete at a National or World Championship level. 

Boys on our Talented Register benefit from the support of our Elite Athlete Coordinator, Mr I Hughes, who is able to make colleagues aware of the individual sporting commitments of our talented athletes. At times, this will include bespoke negotiations with colleagues about providing our athletes with some flexibility with regard to certain academic requirements; particularly, around the times our elite athletes are involved in competitions and surrounding intensive training. In certain circumstances, our elite athletes may be offered a reduced curriculum to accommodate their training needs. At times, the boys benefit from our Director of Partnerships, liaising with an athlete’s coach, regarding specific academic commitments that need to be fulfilled and developing mutual arrangements where an athlete may be asked to represent the School in regional and national competitions. 

As part of our commitment to support talented athletes at Bolton School, we provide an additional education programme that gives guidance on goal setting, planning, performance improvement, communication and time management. It also offers our talented athletes the opportunity to attend seminars delivered by distinguished speakers on areas as diverse as Biomechanics, Sport Psychology, Drugs and Nutrition, including the chance to gain an insight through talks given by renowned professional sportsmen about what is required to succeed at the highest level in sport. 

Within a year of leaving the Sixth Form, Haseeb Hameed was opening for Lancashire and had been selected for England

Within a year of leaving Bolton School's Sixth Form, Haseeb Hameed was opening for Lancashire and had been selected for England

Ed Scott developed his skills as a water polo player at Bolton School before going on to keep goal for Team GB at the London Olympics and captain England at the 2014 Commonwealth Games