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The Libraries of the Boys' Division

There are two libraries in the Boys' Division: the Lower School Library, open to boys in Years 7-9, and the Senior Library, which contains materials to help boys in Years 10 and 11 and the Sixth Form students prepare for GCSE and A Level respectively. Wide reading contributes in no small way to the students' intellectual development; encouragement is given at every level for them to develop their interests in curricular and extra-curricular subjects alike. Both of the libraries offer the students excellent facilities for reading and research; they are very well stocked and we welcome students' own recommendations. Computers giving access to the internet and online resources are provided in both libraries and are supplemented by iPads. 

A Senior Librarian in charge of libraries in both the Boys' and Girls' Divisions, ensures access to resources across the Foundation for all pupils. A team of library staff are available throughout the day to issue materials and give advice on research.

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Since 2013, Bolton School has hosted the Bolton Children’s Fiction Award launch in October and award ceremony in June. The blog for the Awards can be found at here.

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The Senior Library

Housed in one of the School's most attractive and spacious rooms, the Senior Library is open throughout the day to all boys in Years 10 and 11 and the Sixth Form. It contains a large stock of fiction and non-fiction books which are intended not only to support the students' work for GCSE and A Level but also to provide up-to-date information about a wide variety of topics that are not covered in the curriculum. There is also a good collection of film on DVD. Students may borrow all these items; the terms of such loans are generous. For reference we provide a number of national newspapers each day. We also provide an extensive collection of periodicals which students are encouraged to consult regularly to develop their academic interests and knowledge of current affairs.

The Senior library is a fine place in which to read and reflect, research a project in depth or do one's writing.


The Lower School Library

The Lower School Library is used by the boys in Year 7-9. It is a comfortable room, less formal than the Senior library, which gives the younger pupils their own space. The collections of fiction and non-fiction are, naturally, chosen to suit their age and ability (boys from these years can borrow items from the Senior Library if the book they want is not available in the Lower School Library).

The library is open to pupils at lunch time each day and all items (except for reference books) can be borrowed.  Fines are imposed for late returns. The librarian is assisted each day by a team of library monitors recruited from Sixth Form students.

Boys also use the Lower School Library in the course of some of their lessons. In Year 7 one period a week of English is timetabled in there and the boys are then introduced to the Dewey classification system and they learn a little about the ways libraries are arranged (they even design their own!). Other subject departments also use the Lower School Library for project work or group discussion (it makes an attractive alternative to the classroom); these include Art, Biology, Classics, Geography and History.


iPads supplement the boys learning

iPads supplement the boys' learning

Reading in the Lower School Library

Reading in the Lower School Library

Studying in the Senior Library

Studying in the Senior Library