Bolton School Senior Boys

Naming the Sir Ian McKellen Studio Theatre

Sir Ian McKellen attended Bolton School from 1951-58 and, during his time, was Captain (Head Boy).  Sir Ian has very fond memories of the School where his love for acting was first nurtured. During his visit to the School in 2010, he put his name to the boys' drama studio, gave a GCSE Drama masterclass and spoke to the Lit and Deb Society about tolerance and gay rights.

Read a full recap of his day in the Boys' Division here.

Sir Ian meets the Chairman of Governors, the Headmaster and the Headmistress
Sir Ian McKellen delighted
Sir Ian McKellen, Captain 1957-58, Bolton School
Sir Ian McKellen, Captain 1957-58, is recorded on the roll of honour board
Inspecting the boards
Sir Ian views photos of past productions
The unveiling ceremony 1
With Miss Liptrott
Unveiling Ceremony 2
Unveiling Ceremony 3
Unveiling Ceremony 4
Unveiling Ceremony 5
Unveiling Ceremony 6
Sir Ian Visits the McKellen Theatre Studio
Miss Liptrott explains the premise of the GCSE lesson
The boys perform their sketches
Sir Ian Feeds Back
Sir Ian Feeds Back 2
Antony Cotton, Sir Ian's friend, helps with the feedback
More Feedback
More Sketches
Antony Cotton (Sean Tully in Coronation Street) helps out
Sir Ian Reminisces
Don't Hide Behind the Furniture
Sir Ian McKellen
Sir Ian McKellen 2
Sir Ian McKellen 3
Sir Ian McKellen 4
Sir Ian McKellen 5
Sir Ian McKellen 6
Sir Ian McKellen 7
Sir Ian McKellen 8
Sir Ian McKellen 9
Sir Ian McKellen 10
Sir Ian McKellen 11
Sir Ian McKellen 12
Sir Ian McKellen 13
Sir Ian McKellen 14
Sir Ian McKellen 15
Sir Ian McKellen 16
Sir Ian with the GCSE class
Time for a photoshoot
Happy to sign autographs
Antony Cotton
The Headmaster thanks Sir Ian
Sir Ian with the boys
Sir Ian with the boys 2
Miss Liptrott with Sir Ian and Anthony Cotton
Sir Ian signs the Studio Theatre wall
Sir Ian and Antony Cotton walk the corridor
Off for a spot of lunch