Bolton School Senior Boys

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The parents of all boys who attend the school are automatically members of the Parents' Association (PA).

The objectives of the PA are as follows:

  • To foster and support the welfare of the School
  • To provide information to parents
  • To encourage involvement of parents and families in school life.

In general, the PA committee:

  • assigns the subscriptions and other funds raised to purchase items for the school; this fund is currently allocated via the teachers' wish list
  • organises social events where parents and friends meet for entertainment and fun. Any profits generated contribute to the PA funds
  • operates the lost property service and outgrown clothing shop (the proceeds of this contribute to the Headmaster's Fund used to assist parents with financial hardship to cover the costs of curricular school trips)

You can download the full constitution here: Boys' Division Parents' Association's Constitution.


By participating fully in the activities of the PA, parents are able to support and help their son's school. This support ensures that they remain fully conversant with the various happenings within the school and their membership also preserves a school tradition of community spirit, in which both parents and boys can share.

All parents receive details of the Annual General Meeting, which is held in May of each year, together with information for those parents who wish to join the Committee. 

The representatives for 2017-18 are:

Chair: John Brennan

Secretary: Lyndsey Simpson

Treasurer: Stephanie Martin

Parent Governor: Helen Critchlow

The Parents’ Association can be contacted by emailing, and you can keep up to date by following the PA on Twitter @BSBDPA.


The subscription is currently £12 per annum. For administrative convenience, this is included in each boy's fee account and is the main source of income for many of the essential services provided by the PA.


The Parents' Association regularly holds social events for parents, pupils, staff and friends. The newly launched series of Teenage Journey events continues this year. These evening talks are aimed at helping parents to navigate their way through the teenage years with the help of experts and with the opportunity to share their experiences with other parents. Further details are here.

Click here for the dates of all PA Meetings 2017-2018.


Parents are incredibly proud of the Boys' Division, you can read a parent's view of the School here.