Bolton School Senior Boys

A Day of Languages for Local Schools

Year 5 pupils from schools in the local area enjoyed a day of foreign language lessons at this year's Bolton School Modern Foreign Languages Festival. The whole day event gave youngsters the chance to try out a range of new languages including Japanese and Russian, as well as building their understanding of French, Spanish and German.

The Festival is designed to encourage and assist local primary schools to incorporate Modern Foreign Language (MFL) teaching into their curriculum. Small groups of girls and boys from a dozen local schools took part in workshops where they gained an introduction to the language and culture of five different countries.

The children were encouraged to join in and have fun as they took part in 35 minute sessions, allowing them to benefit from expert equipment and teaching from experienced languages staff, including native speakers. The children were taught basic vocabulary and numbers in the sessions, discovered traditional artefacts from the countries, and enjoyed using the school language labs to aid their learning. At the end of each session the pupils were asked to complete a challenge or quiz to test their knowledge - including the Japanese 'Chopstick Challenge' where the pupils had to move as many peas as possible in one minute from one bowl to another with chopsticks, while counting in Japanese!

The aim was to awaken a love of languages in young people, and inspire them to want to learn about other cultures, people, and the languages they speak, and judging by the enthusiasm shown by pupils on the day, this was achieved.

At the end of the day the children were presented with certificates for taking part. Teachers also took away a range of MFL posters and learning tools in each of the 5 languages to help them implement language learning into their own schools.

MFL Day 2012

The chopstick challenge taught pupils to count in Japanese

MFL Day 2012

They learned how to say the parts of the body in French

MFL Day 2012

Pupils enjoyed using the school language labs to help them grasp the new vocabulary