"My son was very lucky to be offered a bursary at Bolton School. We had worked hard for this chance and we are grateful every day for the opportunity that attending Bolton has already given Oscar."

Miss Ruth Robson, Parent

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A Kitemark of Global Quality

Thursday, 21 November 2013

The HMC, of which the Boys’ Division is a member school, has just released a new promotional video espousing the qualities of the schools that make up this revered group. 

Membership of this elite group of schools gives international recognition as one of the world’s best schools. HMC schools educate 200,000 pupils and are fully independent, meaning they have the freedom to innovate and have full control over their admissions, recruitment and curriculum.

HMC schools offer a liberated environment where children are secure, confident and valued which, in turn, leads to academic success.  Students in HMC schools are particularly successful in Maths, the Sciences and Modern Languages.  At GCSE just 4% of all pupils are from HMC schools yet they achieve 18% of all A* grades.  Similarly, at A level 9% of students are from HMC schools yet they achieve 21% of all A* grades.  92% of pupils go on to Higher Education, with one in five of these pupils attending one of the UK’s top 10 universities. 

However, HMC schools are not just academic hot-houses, they also offer outstanding co-curricular opportunities.  In the 2012 Olympics, 25 medal winners were from HMC schools and many famous poets, artists, musicians, explorers and playwrights attended an independent school.  Many remain within lifelong networks provided by such schools.

Put simply, the HMC logo is a kitemark of global quality.

You can watch their new video here.

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