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Independent Schools’ Inspectorate, 2010 (Girls’ Division)

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Astrobiologist Headlines Science Lecture Evening

Friday, 22 March 2013

Bolton School hosted a Science Lecture Evening at the Arts Centre, headlined by prolific Astrobiologist, Dr Lewis Dartnell.

The evening featured bitesize lectures from industry professionals on a wide range of topics, including civil engineering’s response to floods, the use of physics in medical imaging, the role of fluorine chemistry in industry and what is considered ‘normal’ in psychology.

Dr Lewis Dartnell, who is a regular on various TV programmes such as ‘Stargazing Live’ and ‘The Sky at Night’, and who has written a book called ‘Life in the Universe: A Beginners’ Guide’, gave a talk on astrobiology. His talk focused on the topic ‘The Hunt for Alien Life’ to round off a most enlightening evening.

The lecture was part of National Science Week, which also saw the winners of the first Bolton School Science Fair announced. Students had to design an experiment based around a question they wanted to answer, then go away and carry out the experiments. The competition was open to Year 7 to 9 pupils and Cal Howling and Elijah Egun were the winners with their investigation into the factors affecting the viscosity of liquids.









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Prolific Astrobiologist Dr Lewis Dartnell

Prolific Astrobiologist Dr Lewis Dartnell headlined the evening

Speaker Heather Williams gave a demonstration about medical imaging

Speaker Heather Williams gave a demonstration about medical imaging

Science Fair Winners

Elijah Egun and Hal Cowling were the winners of the Science Fair