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Boat Race Success for Isis Crew Old Boy

Sunday, 06 April 2014

Recent leaver Chris Fairweather was selected to take part in the Boat Race as part of the Oxford Reserve Crew, and helped them row to victory over the weekend.

The run-up to the Boat Race has been an emotional time for Chris: he was initially put on the Blue Boat Crew, but then just 16 days before the event was moved to the Reserve Crew. However, he still won himself an important position on Isis, the Oxford University reserve boat. He was given the 'stroke' position: the rower closer to the stern, who establishes the team's rate and rhythm. The rower in the 'stroke' position is generally one of the most technically sound on the crew due to this great responsibility, so this is no mean feat in itself.

In spite of losing the toss, the Isis crew took an early lead within the first few minutes of the race and were ultimately victorious against Cambridge's reserve crew.

The Oxford team also won the main race.

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Chris Fairweather on the water

Chris Fairweather on the water