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Bolton School Bake Off Now Under Way

Monday, 09 March 2015

This year’s Bolton School Bake Off is now under way! Boys’ and Girls’ Division pupils were invited to enter, and twenty-nine bakers from Year 7 to 9 decided to try their hand.

From the Boys’ Division, Year 8 pupil Hamzah Babaria and Year 7s Umar Ibrahim, Max Kelly, Daniel Quinn, Abu Rafiq, Muhammad Saddique, Jack Tyldsley, Husain Umarji and Harry Williamson decided to enter the competition. The Girls’ Division entrants were Madeline Ashton, Olivia Kaute and Olivia Stubbs from Year 7; Easha Aslam, Amy Chicken, Lizzie Crowther, Ellie Gedman-King, Jade Jolley, Safa Patel, Issy Plant, Alexandria Smith, Asmara Stubley, Nicole Williams and Gabi Williamson from Year 8; and Year 9 students Molly Cooper, Rachael Crompton, Georgina Crowther, Hannah Ferrier, Taylor Jones and Subhi Loganathan.

Over the next few weeks, the competitors will be whittled down through a series of knockout rounds, each one requiring pupils to create a different product based on the theme, until there are just four finalists left. Each finalist will receive an apron, and the overall winner will receive a further prize donated by Unilever.

In addition to the finalists, each week the judges will crown one pupil the ‘Star Baker’ for creating the best product that week. Each entry is marked based on consistency and of course taste, with the best overall receiving the award.

The opening round took place last week, and asked pupils to decorate a cupcake. As this year the School is celebrating the centenary of the Bolton School Foundation and the 500th anniversary of education in Bolton, this was the perfect theme, and gave pupils the chance to think outside the box and come up with something creative. This was certainly the case with Star Baker Amy Chicken’s creation, which even included bunting featuring the Boys’ and Girls’ Division crests!

In the second week, pupils whipped up a batch of savoury biscuits. With only a short time-frame during their lunch break, the pressure was on for all of the pupils who made it to Round Two. However, they all worked hard to make their savoury biscuits distinct and delicious – and certainly succeeded on both counts. The quality of the baking in this round was extremely high, making it a difficult decision for the judges. They eventually decided to name Olivia Stubbs the Star Baker for the week.

Round Three will see pupils create sweet or savoury mini-pastries, with their flavours inspired by the local area. With such delicacies as Lancashire cheese, Bakewell tart, Bury black pudding, Eccles cakes or even Morecambe Bay shrimps to choose from as inspiration, there is plenty of research and testing to be done before next week.

For the final two rounds of the competition, pupils will have to create their own mini-desserts and finally a ‘Show-Stopper’ entry to select the final four!

It is sure to be an exciting few weeks across the Boys’ and Girls’ Division as pupils watch the competition build towards the grand final in just a few weeks’ time.

The Bake Off has been organised by Mrs Entwistle and Mrs James, in partnership with Unilever Food Solutions. This is the latest project between the company and Bolton School, both of which were founded by William Hesketh Lever. The School’s catering department supports the company’s partnership with the World Food Programme, and the Boys’ Division recently gave an additional donation to this. Unilever has also donated tea bags to help Girls’ Division pupils to host free monthly tea parties for older people in the local area.

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The entries to Round Two of the Bake Off

The entries to Round Two of the Bake Off

Amy with her prizewinning cupcake decoration

Amy with her prizewinning cupcake decoration


Olivia's biscuits won her the Star Baker award in Round Two