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Bolton School Bees Help Urban Outreach

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Bolton School Beekeeping Club has donated ten jars of honey to Urban Outreach, who with the support of Bolton Council, are preparing food packages for those families most in need during the Covid-19 crisis. In addition, ‘Butchart’s Bradshaw Bees’, set up by DTE teacher Mr Butchart, donated five more jars to the cause. 

Bolton School bees have been moved off-site and are now in Mr Butchart’s back garden. The hives had to be sealed up early in the morning before the bees started flying and packed into Mr Butchart’s car. They were driven though Bolton and, as you can see from the picture, as Mr Butchart was wearing his beekeeping gear, it attracted more than a few turned heads from people who clearly thought he had taken the PPE issue just a little too far! He took five hives home, which meant he had 25,000 bees in the back of his car!

Instead of having a few hives to look after, Mr Butchart has nine, which is definitely more than he or his neighbours were expecting this summer. At least the apple and pear trees should be well pollinated, along with every other crop in a two mile radius!

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