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Bolton School Supports Tech Control Campaign

Bolton School is placing itself firmly behind the recent HMC and Digital Sisters’ campaign focusing on how technology is great if we are in control of it. The HMC/Digital Sisters’ film about digital addiction can be viewed here. This and other resources will be used in independent and state school classrooms as teachers aim to advise about the safe use of technology at school and at home. 

Headmaster of the Boys’ Division, Mr Philip Britton, who recently blogged about how parents can take control of social media, said: “This new film shows how children and adults need to master technology and not the other way round. There is a need to act – this is one of those occasions when adults know better than children what is good for them. A two-pronged approach is required: we need to control the usage of devices and check the interactions that are made and we also need to educate children and adults, providing them with role models of good social media behaviour. At Bolton School, we have been holding a series of talks for parents on the Teenage Journey, bringing in experts to talk about issues that affect teenage boys such as anxiety and stress, social media and substance abuse as well as advising on revision technique. These sessions have been hugely beneficial to parents and the next one will consider ‘Social Media: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly’.”

The new film, which will be viewed by pupils at Bolton School, was shown at yesterday’s HMC Conference and findings from an HMC/Digital Awareness poll of 5,000 parents and pupils were also considered.  

Mike Buchanan, Chair of HMC, said: “Mobile devices have become an integral part of life at school, work and play and parents, teachers and pupils need to work together to rewrite the rule book. 

“Our poll shows that children are aware of many of the risks associated with over use of technology but they need the adults in their lives to set clear boundaries and role model sensible behaviour. To achieve this, we need to join up the dots between school and home and give consistent advice. 

“Many schools are already doing great work to open their doors to parents, with initiatives as diverse as Teenage Journey events, parenting workshops, free ranging question and answer sessions with the head, and expert talks. We are also working on new resources for our schools which we will share with state school colleagues.” 

The findings of the poll can be found here.

Philip Britton’s blog on how parents can take control of social media is here.



Bolton School has endorsed the HMC/Digital Sisters' film about social media addiction

Bolton School has endorsed the HMC/Digital Sisters' film about social media addiction

Social media - we need to take control

Social media - we need to take control