Bolton School Senior Boys

Boys are BBC Reporters for the Day!

Bolton School Boys' Division joined thousands of schoolchildren across the UK in reporting the news for the annual BBC School Report News Day. 

Boys from years 7 to 9 spent the day creating video, audio and text-based news reports to publish on a website by the 4pm deadline. They covered a mixture of topics - some of national interest and some school-based, with headlines including Schoolboy Grills Big Fish, ISFA Cup Success, 3D TVs and Mr Britton MBE.  Simultaneously, 25,000 pupils from 700 schools across the UK were busy creating their own news reports which the BBC then linked up to when the deadline was up!  On the day, the Bolton boys were also part of the Guinness World record attempt at the largest interactive weather report. 

During the morning the boys were taken through the process of generating news from creating story ideas, carrying out interviews and taking photographs, the editing and layout of their stories, and uploading them to the web. Although the day is aimed at 11-14 year olds, older pupils acted as mentors for the boys. The Bolton School Report can be seen at 

The main aim of BBC News School Report is to interest young people in news of all sorts, and the world around them, by giving them the chance to make their own news.  It is also an opportunity for students to inform a real audience, via BBC programmes and web pages, about the stories which are important to them.

Taking part in the day develops the ability to work in teams, manage time, communicate effectively and think critically. It is also a chance for students to discuss the responsibilities involved in broadcasting their work to a world wide audience.

Ex-teacher and BBC News presenter, Huw Edwards, lent his support to the project and said: "I'm involved because I want to give young people the chance to make the news themselves, and I want to share the principles of good journalism."

Boys conduct interviews

Boys interview one another to get the "full story"