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Boys’ Arts Award Exhibition

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Y7 pupils at Bolton School Boys’ Division enjoyed peer reviewing each other’s artwork, which has been created for the Arts Award Bronze and was on display – on boards and on screen – at the School’s Arts Centre. Work displayed encompassed a number of disciplines, including art, design, photography, music, creative cooking, animation and drama. 

All the photography and creative writing work had been carried out by the boys independently over the academic year and had been submitted towards the Arts Award. The work, organised in themes, had been curated by five Y7 boys who had helped with the development of the projects and had worked as a collective to select work for the exhibition. 

The year group was asked to reflect on each other's work, choosing their favourite piece of artwork and then writing a message to the artist telling them what they liked about their work. They also photographed the piece and picked out 3 words that best described it. The boys then answered the question of what they would do if they were given £1,000 to continue their art project before considering what had been their biggest achievements. 

The Arts Award falls into four stages: researching your arts inspiration; attending and reviewing an Arts event, participating in the Arts; and sharing your skills with others. 

Later, the boys were inspired to carry on with their art aspirations in future years by Y8 boys who recited their own pieces of creative writing. They also learnt from Y12 student Will Hardy about his rotoscope film, which was based on surroundings and settings. His two minute film comprised 25 slides or frames per second, each of which had been hand-drawn. The boys were impressed that he had spent over 50 hours on the project. 

Also on display were original copies of work completed by the Young Artists’ Collective (YAC) which is now on public display at Horwich Parkway train station.


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