Bolton School Senior Boys

Boys Attend Live Youth Charter Debate

Seven sixth form pupils from Bolton School Boys’ Division were invited to join other local schools at a live Youth Charter debate at the new Media City at Salford Quays.

To coincide with the International Day of Peace on 21 September the Youth Charter, a United Nations NGO geared towards global development through sports, arts and culture, hosted the live debate. The topic was ‘The Olympic and Paralympic Legacy’ and the discussion was chaired by Rt Hon John Berkow, Speaker of the House of Commons.

After a quick tour of the brand new BBC studios opened in March this year, the delegation was treated to a workshop on the function and role of Parliament in this country. Having embarrassed themselves by losing miserably in the Parliamentary quiz, English teachers Mr Bannister and Mr Kellett kept out of the rest of the proceedings!

Next was an opportunity to ‘grill’ the eminent Speaker of the Commons, Mr Berkow on, we were assured, any topic we wished. Questions ranged from Tories to tennis to telling off other MPs, but the discussion was a masterclass in diplomacy as well as processes underpinning the seething crucible of democracy that is the house of representatives. Finally, the panel of speakers including: Geoff Thompson, Chief Executive of the Youth Charter; Simon Jackson MBE, Paralympic Judo Champion; Jeanette Walker, Headteacher of Malbank School; Professor Martin Hall, Vice-Chancellor of Salford University took the hotseat to answer questions from the eager pupils on the legacy of London’s 2012 Olympics. The mood was one of hope and optimism: that the momentum gained by British sport over the course of this summer might translate into genuine progress for the country’s youth, and reach beyond our borders to help a global community. Many impassioned speeches, personal revelations and a celebration of all that the country has achieved over the last few months left the boys buoyant and ready to face anything the challenges of the M60 at Friday rush hour could throw at them on the way home.

live Youth Charter debate

Boys joined other local schools at a live Youth Charter debate at the new Media City at Salford Quays

live Youth Charter debate

There was an opportunity to ask questions on many topics

live Youth Charter debate