"There is no doubt this is a very special school with fantastic facilities and fantastic teachers who make all the difference. It's just a shame that every school in the country cannot be like Bolton School."

Sir Harry Kroto - Nobel Prize Winner in Chemistry and Old Boy

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Boys Celebrate World Book Day

Thursday, 03 March 2016

Pupils at Bolton School Boys’ Division were thrilled to arrive into School to find that, overnight, the book elves had scattered novels around the campus. Boys found books on windowsills and benches along the corridors of Senior School and, if they liked the look of it, took the book home to read and keep.
Members of staff wore badges saying “Ask me what I’m reading” and boys were encouraged to discuss with teachers each others’ favourite novels. Headmaster Mr Britton’s last three books were Mind Change by Susan Greenfield, Christians, Muslims and Jesus by Professor Mona Siddiqui and the latest Rebus novel by Ian Rankin. In the morning assembly teachers read excerpts from their favourite novels.
Over lunch, Year 7-9 boys, working in teams, took part in a popular Literary Treasure Hunt. Following a series of cryptic clues, they discovered 11 letters hidden in different novels, they then rearranged the letters to discover the title of a novel, within which the details of the prize (books, of course!) were found. Year 7 boys also entered an Art-English collaborative competition entitled the "Humument Prize".

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Boys have fun unravelling clues in the Literary Treasure Hunt

Boys have fun unravelling clues in the Literary Treasure Hunt

The Senior Library is a hive of activity at lunchtime

Teachers encourage pupils to ask them what book they are currently reading