Bolton School Senior Boys

Boys Compete For House Glory

The curriculum was suspended as the Senior Boys took part in this term's House Day! Blackburn dominated the 2012-2013 competition and did well in this year's Autumn term House Day, so the pressure was really on for Wigan, Chorley and Manchester to pull out all the stops.

Mr Wadsworth, who helped to coordinate the event, reports:


It came as little surprise in this wettest of school years that the night before House Day we would see, or better, hear and feel torrential thunderstorms. Though several events were shortened, only one was cancelled, so around 900 boys took up their House colours and met in 95 events in the struggle to wrest the Lyde Cup from the grasp of Blackburn, 2013’s all-conquering winners.

In Autumn, Blackburn’s newest cohorts learned quickly and scored massively – but this time, it was Wigan’s youngest that came out on top with seven wins. Battle was well and truly pitched in Year 8 with no overall victor, as Chorley, Manchester and Wigan each took five scalps. On the day, Wigan led the way in the race to be Junior champions with 905 points, Manchester scored 895, Blackburn 830 and Chorley 720. However, Blackburn’s Juniors still lead the way by 90 points overall.

New competitions are introduced whenever possible, reflecting all we do in school. Therefore not only did archery go bigger and better on Bottom level this term, there was also a newcomer: go-karting. As befits their current standing, Blackburn won the inaugural Year 9 & Year 10 events in Dobson Road quad. Manchester’s Intermediates held a handsome lead from Autumn – but this time it was Blackburn who gained the most wins in Year 9 events, and Wigan in Year 10. Both Chorley and Wigan scored 945 points, closely followed by Blackburn and Manchester, who also tied on 880. This means the Intermediates is the closest age band, but Manchester is still holding on to a narrow 40 point advantage overall.

This was as ever the final day for the Seniors. Wigan’s Sixth Form were outstanding last time – but, as tradition demands, we’ll keep the name of the Hesketh Cup winners until May’s presentation assembly. However, we can let loose a couple of snippets of information. Chorley and Manchester both clocked up five wins in events involving Year 11s, and Wigan’s Years 12 and 13 took as many first places as the other three houses combined!

We join battle again in nine weeks for the final chapter, when Cricket joins the fray and we go outdoors with Tennis and the like. Going into that third encounter, the overall points are as follows: Chorley have 5260, Blackburn have 5515, Manchester have 5530, and we have clear leaders looking to regain the title they last won in 2011 – Wigan with 5725 points.

The Houses are competing for the prestigious Lyde Cup

The Houses are competing for the prestigious Lyde Cup