Bolton School Senior Boys

Boys Demonstrate Gymnastics Prowess

Eight Year 7 boys made it through to this year's gymnastics final, which was held in the boys' gymnasium.  Performing in front of the entire year group, the boys held their nerve to produce some stunning floor exercises.  Three boys proved themselves to be on a slightly higher level than the other competitors and it was only the tiniest of detail which split the top three.  They were:  

Bronze medallist - Sammy Gatenby (7c)

Silver medallist - Sam Bowden (7c)

Winner - Cian McMahon (7e)

The Headmasters awarded certificates to all boys that took part in the final and the winner, Cian, received a trophy.

Mr Johnson, Head of PE in the Boys' Division and one of the judges said: "This year the standard was exceptionally high, making it extremely difficult to split them into a rank order.

In the end, there were three outstanding gymnasts, who performed with control, tension and fluency. The eventual winner, Cian McMahon, demonstrated considerable technique and ability during his sequence, performing a round off with a triple flic flac and was a deserved winner.

My congratulations go to all of the boys for making this year's final particularly special."


The boys performed in front of the entire year group

As ever it was a tough job judging this closely fought competition

Mr Britton, Headmaster and Mr Johnson, Head of PE award certificates and a cup to the top three boys