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Boys Excel with 9s in Maths and Sciences

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GCSE pupils in Bolton School Boys’ Division have performed outstandingly well in the new 9-1 grading system, with one in three results being graded at 8 or 9, which is equivalent to an A* or above. It had been predicted that the new top grade of 9 would be very hard to achieve but, in the Boys’ Division, 30% of Maths and 25% of Science grades were at the elite 9 mark. There were also very strong MFL results and in Latin and Greek. Overall, 17.5% of papers marked using the new number system were given the very top grade of 9. Of the unreformed subjects, 31.7% of papers were marked at A*, the highest figure in recent years. 18% of boys achieved at least 10 A*/A grades or 9-7 grades. 70.6% of boys received at least 4 A grades and 3 B (7-6) grades. 

Across the year group, taking into account both the 9-1 and A*-G grading systems, 33.6% of all grades were at 8/A* or above, the highest percentage in recent years, 54.8% of grades were at either grade 7/A or above, 76 .4% were graded as either 6/B or better and 91.8% of papers achieved 5/C or better marks. The percentage of pupils achieving at least 5 A*-C grades was 98.5%. 

Mr Philip Britton, Headmaster, said: “It is always good to celebrate achievement with the boys when they do their first external exams at GCSE. The results represent years of hard work and study and investing the time to develop good working habits that will serve them well through life. There are achievements to celebrate at all levels, from a hard won pass in a subject found challenging to the large numbers achieving the new elite grade 9 at GCSE. 

“At times when modern foreign languages are under some pressure nationally, it is good to see large numbers and strong results from the language departments across school. Creative subjects are also threatened and so it is also pleasing to see, once more, some terrific music results, with top grades all round.” 

There were many outstanding individual achievements, including Yusuf Adia, who achieved nine 9 grades, a double A*, an A* and an A; Krishnan Ajit, who came away with eight 9 grades, a double A*, an A* and two As; Daniyal Ashraf who got 9999999A^A*A*A*A; Junyu Gao who secured 999999998A^A* grades; James Leese-Weller who achieved 9999999A*A*A*A*; Ruairi McCabe who achieved 9999999A^A*A*7; and Siddharth Ranganath who achieved 999999998A^A*B.  Pupils also juggle a wide range of extra-curricular activities and develop interests which they take with them into the Sixth Form, examples include Praharsh Parikh, who plays cricket for Lancashire and the North of England and who achieved 988A*77666B grades and Marcus Crompton, who plays water polo nationally for ESSA, who achieved 8877AA66B5 grades.

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