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Mrs Helen Critchlow, Parent

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Boys get Walking!

Wednesday, 05 May 2010

Bolton School Senior Boys have been walking their way to better health and winning prizes and raising money to boot!

All Year 8 boys were given a pedometer to count the number of steps they take as part of the promotion of healthy living in PSHE lessons. Over three days the boys kept track of how many steps they had each taken and competed with each other to see who could manage the most. Jonathon Williams, Abhinav Kumar and Millen Patel came out on top and were each awarded a prize of a new pedometer, donated by local business the Silk Group.

The winning form was 8E, who walked a huge 543,738 steps in total, averaging out at over 3.5 miles per boy per day! To get them motivated and moving some boys combined the three day pedometer competition with charitable campaigns, raising money for Cancer Research and endangered pandas.


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Jonathon Williams, Abhinav Kumar and Millen Patel

Jonathon Williams, Abhinav Kumar and Millen Patel