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Boys Learn from Peers in Roots Programme

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Six Y9 pupils from Bolton School Boys’ Division have been involved in a six week social and cultural exchange with the Acle Academy in Norwich through a Salford based project called the Roots Programme.  The aim was to connect people, issues and communities – deepening their understanding of themselves in relation to the lives of others, with a vision ‘of a more connected, compassionate and curious society, one built on dialogue rather than debate.' The boys met regularly online with their Norwich counterparts as they considered their identity, their relationships and their role in wider society whilst building meaningful bonds with people they otherwise wouldn’t have met. 

The pupils received a beautiful illustration detailing the work they had covered. ‘The boys from Bolton School were a pleasure to work with this term. They were genuinely curious about the lives of their peers from Acle Academy and set a precedent for young people across the UK connecting with people from different backgrounds,’ the Roots Programme organisers commented. 

Pupil reflections included: ‘I enjoyed it as it was eye-opening as to how other people view issues around the country,’ and ‘I found learning about the differences in lifestyles of 14 year olds from other parts of the country really interesting.’ 

Miss Bramhall, a Chemistry Teacher in the Boys’ Division who oversaw the scheme, said: ‘The Roots programme has enabled our boys to discuss real world issues with the pupils of Acle Academy. I particularly enjoyed listening to their conversations about their local areas and the honesty with which they discussed discrimination they might have encountered. We are planning a physical meet-up with their students next half term - guidelines permitting - so they can get together and discuss their thoughts in person.'

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