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Year 11 boys enjoyed an absorbing day dedicated to film-making as Ed Boase’s Young Film Academy returned to Bolton School. The Academy works with over 7,500 young people each year, helping develop their creative, organisational, leadership, communication and team-working skills. After being given a quick overview of the history of film-making and shown some classic film excerpts, the boys were split into groups and tasked with producing short ten-shot films. Each production had to include three wide shots, three medium shots, three close ups and one tracking shot and had to be based on one of the five Polti dramatic situations discussed. Each group had to include a director, producer, camera operator, script supervisor and actors. A range of props were provided by the school.
The boys worked productively, screenwriting and planning their film and learning how to use the camera. Taking final inspiration from a classic Charlie Chaplin short, the boys then dispersed around the campus to produce their own ten-shot films. 
The day culminated with a screening of the films which carried imaginative titles such as ‘Inkredible’, ‘Stump Takes a Jump’, ‘Who Said You Can’t Steal a Cookie’ and ‘Napped’.  However, the winner of this year’s ‘Oscar’ went to ‘Imperfect Crime’, a film produced by Owen Critchlow, Richard Birtwhistle, Krishnan Ajit, Callan Birt, Jack Hainey, Christian Dean and Hassan Sapra.
Ed Boase of the Film Academy has directed three films; ‘Blooded’, which received a UK cinema release, ‘The Mirror’, which was bought by Netflix and ‘Trick or Treat’, due for completion this year. He has recently directed a short film with Joe Dempsie (Gendry from Game Of Thrones). He was assisted on the day by Ben Maier, a writer and musician, who has collaborated with a number of immersive theatre companies, including Belka Productions and LG&G. He tours extensively as guitarist with the band Tear, as well as performing solo material. In 2014 he was awarded a PhD by the Seamus Heaney Centre for Poetry, Belfast. ​ 

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