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Boys Place Second in German Olympiad

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Four boys in Year 11 have been placed as runners-up in the prestigious Oxford German Network Olympiad. Chris Boulos, Giri Nandakumar, Jordan Reed and Anchit Chandran impressed the judges with their team entry to the competition.

Entering the Group Film section, their task was to construct a short dramatic excerpt that revolved around key aspects of Germany in 1914. After much research, their play centred around two teenage brothers, Hans and Heinrich. One is a pragmatic pacifist who knows that the First World War will only bring death, destruction and dismay. The other is quite the opposite in character: he sees the War as the perfect chance for Germany to be great, and to take what he considers to rightfully belong to the country. Throughout the short play, the brothers argue with each other over their hopes, dreams and aspirations, and debate exactly what this War will mean for Germany.

Head of German Richard Catterall said, “We are delighted that the efforts of the four boys have been recognized, and it is encouraging that they took the initiative to produce a short play in German with no help at all from their teachers.”


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Jordan, Giri, Chris and Anchit, pictured with Mr Catterall (left) and Mr Hiepko

Jordan, Giri, Chris and Anchit, pictured with Mr Catterall (left) and Mr Hiepko